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1 Highest Quality Standards:

New 35,000 ft2 hospital facilitiy that complies with the strictest hospital sterility & safety codes. The only hospital in the state of Tamaulipas with Ultraclean® Operating Room Clean Air laminar flow Technology.

High-Tech Equipment:

Fully digitalized imaging and electronic medical record system. In-house CT-SCAN, OPEN-MRI, DIGITAL MAMMOGRAPHY, QCT DENSITOMETRY. Fully equipped Adult & Pediatric Intensive Care area.

Safe & Easy to Get to:

One of the best things about CMI Medical Center is that it is SAFE and EASY to get to. The US style campus is located 3 miles from all 3 of the international bridges and it accessible via major 4 lane thoroughfares.

Getting here has never been easier! 25 huge billboard signs help tourists navigate to the CMI medical center without fail.

The entire medical campus is a low traffic area and security guards ensure that patients and their family members feel secure at all times. Additionally, CMI Medical Center has over 150 well lit parking spaces which are monitored by overhead security cameras 24 hours a day.

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